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09-29-2017 06:16 AM
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I am working with SDE data running from server. I am trying to do basic edits like polygon manipulation, attribute maintenance, land cover layer edits, etc. When I try to start an edit session I always get an error based off edits with the database. I am pretty new at idea of versioning, locks, and so on and cannot figure out process to make these edits work properly and than save my data. I have tried "Registering as Versioned" and hasn't helped or not sure how to go about locks on data. Any help, tips, or advice on this subject or a walk through regarding SDE data, versioning, edits would be much appreciated. 

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To register the data as Versioned, you need an Exclusive lock on the data. That is, nobody else should be using that data. It seems that the data may be part of a ArcGIS Server stop the service and then try Registering as Versioned...

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SDE can be pretty complex.  Some questions for you on the issue to help responders:

  1. Do you have SDE Administrator rights?  If not, what level of permissions/privileges do you have currently?     Privileges for geodatabases in SQL Server—Help | ArcGIS Desktop    Privileges for geodatabases in Oracle—Help | ArcGIS Desktop    Error: No editable layers—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop
  2. What database is SDE tied to?  SQL Server?  Oracle?  other?  Also, what version?
  3. What version of ArcGIS are you using?

Chris Donohue, GISP

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SDE can for sure be complex and I am just learning (or trying to learn) about it. 

   1. I do have all right or access to the SDE files yes.

         (I stepped into a role that the previous GIS Coordinator set this structure up.)

   2. The SDE is tied to SQL server.

   3. I am using ArcGIS 10.5 

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