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04-14-2017 09:40 AM
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Darren Wiens‌; Dan_Patterson

When you set up a Domain Name on the Geodatabase and add the codes. I put the Field Type as a Text. My question to you when you go to the Feature Class Properties and all I can see that the subtype Field shows None; however,  when I add the Name as a Field Name.  I am wondering why the Subtype Field doesn't show the Name as a subtype ? Was it because I set it as a Text and it would not show it ? Is that correct ?


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Domains are not part of mine... but I assume that it is this area that you are referring to

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The subtype field must be a long- or short-integer field. If you have no subtype field selected, you will not be able to add subtypes.

Creating subtypes—Help | ArcGIS Desktop 

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Thank you. After I did some reading...I had the Domain set to Text , so it doesn't appear at all....

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What was the solution Robert, I also having the same issue.

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If I remember correctly, I worked on ski areas last April and had to do set it up in Domain and then set it Field Type as a Text and then  filled it out  the codes and Description in the Subtype tab in the  Feature Class Properties.

Then go back to the Geodatabase where you create a feature class and review the attribute table and see if you can have a scroll down the list of the the codes. 

But to be honest I don't remember what I did  LOL . I checked my file Geodatabase and trying to remember...

Let me know if I can help ...

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