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Grab field value from featureset based Select by Location results

Question asked by rotemgal on Sep 27, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2017 by cdspatial


I'm trying to figure out how to extract a value of records returned from a Select by Location model I built.

Here's the process (in bold, the parameters name as defined in the model its picture is attached to this post):

  1. The process starts with the execution of a 'Select by Location' tool, in which the user select a certain feature from a defined feature layer, (AttachGeometry) using a featureset (InteractiveSelect)- this part of the tool goes fine easily as a selection is evident after the model finishes its run. 
  2. I then use the 'Iterate Field Values' tool over the returned feature(s) (SelectedLocations), aiming at garbing the unique value (DocID) for a specific field - this is where, as I suspect, my problem, as no value is 'transferred' to the next step of the process.
  3. This value is then transferred (as In line parameter, as can be see in the picture attached to this post) to a 'Select by Attribute' tool, for retrieving the matching records in another table, based on this value
  4. The process ends when the selected records are exported as a new table (Results).


As noted above, the 'Iterate Field Values' returns no values, thus no selection is made when the 'Select by Attribute' section of the model is executed - a new table is created, with no records in it. I receive the following message for the exported records: 'WARNING 000117: Warning empty output generated'.


Any help will be appreciated.