How can I fill in an lot, defined by a polygon, with smaller polygons?

10-08-2017 01:10 AM
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I have a large lot (many acres) in in which I need to place as many  smaller polygons (buildings) as possible. I have four buildings types.

Additionally, I must meet some minimum rules: aliment and clearances.

Clearance: there are two lengths from the lot's boundary and the other between buildings

Alignment: buildings must be align such roads with specific, constant width, could run either E-W or N-S directions.

Any suggestions or advice will be highly appreciated


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Bin packing algorithms is one area to google.

Is there any implementation in GIS software? None worth noting

Will it require coding? Most definitely

Suggestions?  'Humanware' is going to be able to make the unconscious decisions about number and placement within any confined space.  Map out an approximation from you mind's eye then re-examine it.

This is totally not a New to GIS given the base knowledge overhead from these two study areas

Good luck

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Hello Dan;

Thanks very much; I followed your suggestion and I searched in Google. Another idea I had is that maybe City Engine ocudl have  a solution for that.



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