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"Failed to create the app" While creating app from WAB 2.5

Question asked by shaikhrizuan on Sep 7, 2017
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I have registered my Web AppBuilder with the portal which is joined with another portal (Portal A as Primary and Portal B as StandBy). Both portal server are configured to a single Web Adapter and don't have internet connectivity.ArcGIS javascript API 3.21 configured locally and "env.js" file configured accordingly for WAB 2.5.


While creating the 2D App (After entering Title & description and click on "OK" button, I am getting the error "Failed to Create the app". 

Create app error

while debugging I found that the error was coming from "arcgis_web_appbuilder_2.5\WebAppBuilderForArcGIS\client\stemapp\jimu.js\portalUtils.js". It was throwing error on "getDefaultWebMap" function (Line No: 1213) . Where "id" is coming "Undefiend"

Error at portalUtils.js


I am not able to figure it out, why it is not generating "id" from the above function.


Kindly anyone help me on this!!!


(Note: Also attached above two images separately)



Shaikh Rizuan