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Adding internal GPS to collector receiver list

Question asked by csmith_nmslo on Sep 6, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2018 by MAGISNC

I am using a Getac T800 running Windows 10.  I have downloaded the collector app and downloaded the GPS direct driver.  The driver is configured to use COM port 2 at 9600 Baud.   I can see that the sensor is on and sending data.


When I open collector it will sometimes show my accuracy to 1m, and at other times it shows red as if I am getting no GPS signal.  So it looks like it accepts the GPS data from the sensor sometimes, but not all the time.  When I have the tablet connected to our network, it will jump from using the GPS to the windows location sensor.


Upon digging into the collector documentation, I decided to try to add the internal GPS as an additional receiver to try to fix this issue.  When I go to add a receiver, I am only given one option  - Prolific USB-To_Serial Comm Port (COM4). When I select that I can chose between COM3 or 4 (no choice for COM2) and a long list of BAUD rates.  I have tried going through each COM port and each of the Baud rates but every time I run the test, the test fails. 


From what I understand the Getac is using the Ublox 8 chip for the GPS sensor.


Is there anything I can do to correct this? Am I doing something wrong here?  Thanks for you help.