Using ArcCollector on GPS Enabled Tablets

05-08-2017 12:55 PM
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I'm trying to collect spatial data via a Getac F110 (running Windows 10) which has an integrated GPS unit (SiRFstarIV GPS). For reasons unknown, the receiver does not update in Arc Collector. The location profile is set to default, which is the integrated receiver. I've double checked that the GPS is NMEA compatible with Collector. 

  • Does anyone have experience with Getac tablets and Collector?
  • What are the typical programs/apps that are used to collect spatial data with GPS enabled devices
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Bringing your question again on top as I am struggling with a similar configuration (different tablet an GPS receiver though)

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From my experience, the internal GPS of the Getac F110 is unreliable from tablet to tablet.  As a work around, I used a QStarz external BT GPS receiver.

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Be sure to download the latest Getac Geolocation driver here

actual direct link here :

Mobile windows applications make use of Microsoft's Sensor and Location Platform. You need the Getac driver to connect windows location sensor to the COM port used by the GPS receiver.

Collector/survey123 do not connect directly to the COM port used by the GPS.

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