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arcgis server 10.5 web adaptor for portal

Question asked by parkygis on Aug 30, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2017 by parkygis

Good morning,


I have a simple question about web adaptor setting for my new arcgis portal.

In a machine(AWS), I installed Arcgis Server 10.5, Portal 10.5, GeoEvent server 10.5, web adaptor 10.5 (arcgis/portal)

I can access the server (server manager with web adaptor, geoevent without web adaptor) from a different network.  Unfortunately, not the portal site.


Question is as follows.

  1. I was able to setup web adaptor for ArcGIS server then, I can access to the manager site https://xxxxx/arcgis/manager from a different network. I could not configure web adaptor(arcgis) for Portal.  When I select the PORTAL, server returns HTTP 400 error. 
    Thus I created an additional web adaptor (portal), however, I am getting the same error.  
    And, I can access to portal site with port number from the server.  However cannot access to the port site from a different network.  It will redirect the “address from” to “”


If you have any suggestions please guide me to the right direction.