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Field has invalid html content

Question asked by nheick on Aug 30, 2017
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Does anyone know the specific details about the above error message?  I receive it when I try to add features through the REST API for a hosted feature service in AGOL.  The features have a field with one or more HTML hyperlinks as shown below:


<a href="http://domain/custom/GISDrawingLookup.asp?drawingNo=JO-P-0293&searchName=JO-P-0293" target="_blank">JO-P-0293</a>,<br><a href="http://domain/custom/GISDrawingLookup.asp?drawingNo=JO-P-0004&searchName=JO-P-0004" target="_blank">JO-P-0004</a>


The REST API does not like the & and = characters in the URLs.  It does not complain about the HTML, just the use of URL parameters.  When publishing the service from ArcMap, the data is loaded as is into the hosted feature service and displays perfectly.  I have several workarounds ready, but I would like to get the REST API to work using the addFeatures endpoint.  I need to automate updating the service and I would prefer to avoid republishing the service each time, or using Arcade and custom HTML popups.