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Multiple Choice Counting and Labels

Question asked by fernando.alvarez89 on Aug 24, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2018 by KateW_BOPRC

Hello All,


I have a couple questions in regards to the multiple choice output. 


1. Is there a way to give a count per choice?


For example, We have health educators that go out and talk about certain topics. They can either talk about one topic or a series of topics. When they enter in their survey they have the following multiple options: 

I use the infographic widget on the web app builder and when I try to graph the topics it reads the combination of strings not the individual topics. As shown here:

Notice that the inforgraphic reads only the string combination not the individual count. I know Survey123 analysis is able to break it into individual counts, but I ran into the issue of not being to see counts per category. Hence why I had to use the WebApp builder's infographic widget.  Would there be a work around within Survey123 Connect where I can do this and work with the widget?


2. Can I remove the underscores on a multiple choice answer?


As I mentioned before I noticed that with select one questions I do not have this issue. When a multiple choice answer is given it does not remove the underscores and I have to remove them each time a new entry is submitted.The reason to take out the underscores is that these can be printed nice on paper but it looks "tacky" with the charts showing under scores in the name. I did want to note when I edit on ArcGIS Pro the select one questions seem to be in a domain but not the multiple choice questions. Any workaround or explanations would help. 


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