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How to add custom text box to WAB app

Question asked by rod.kuhns on Aug 7, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2019 by gkatsamb

I have a custom WAB application that zooms to a parcel feature upon startup using URL parameters passed in.   I would like to add a Text Box, Title Box or some type of HTML table to display information about the feature, such as Parcel ID, Owner name, County, Township, Range, Section etc.    This could be displayed on top of the map, covering a portion of the map in a corner, or in a dedicated area above the map.  Can anyone provide some suggestions about how I might go about adding this type of labeling that will come from a JavaSript function?  I have the function to retrieve the data elements, I'm in need of ideas on how to display them on the WAB interface.




Rod Kuhns

GIS Applications Architect, MBS