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Unable to 'Display XY Data' and 'Make XY Event Layer' from csv file in ArcGIS Pro.

Question asked by on Jul 31, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2018 by jackrsteiner

Hi.  I have a .csv file which contains street camera attribute information, including latitudes (Y) and longitude (X) for each camera location.  This would be a point feature class.  I can Add Data, and bring in the CSV file as a standalone table.  However, when I right-click on the CSV file, click on Display XY Data, which brings up the Make XY Event Layer, I get this error - "Error 000055: Cannot create a Query Table for this workspace......." when I run the GP tool.  I have not seen this error before.  I know I have used this workflow in the past without any issues.  If this cannot be resolved quickly, I will have to find a work around.  Thank you.