Solutions Deployment Tool McAfee Access Protection

Discussion created by jbrockwe on Jul 27, 2017
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I have tried installing the Solution Deployment Tool on two separate systems. One was performed on ArcGIS Pro 1.4.1 and the second install was at ArcGIS Pro 2.0.0 and both times it has corrupted the base ArcGIS Pro installation. 


ArcGIS Pro after installation no longer opens! It goes straight to the report a crash screen. "ArcGIS Pro has encountered a serious application error and is unable to continue."  I will have to uninstall all ArcGIS Pro components and re-install the base installation. I can not continue to attempt using the Solutions Deployment Tool it is not safe for installation and I recommend anyone attempting to install this product to stay away. It is a very simple installation that should cause no issues. However, this is not the case.