ArcGIS Pro - Map Series Pages - Display individual features from index layer

Discussion created by TPG@Wellington on Jul 25, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2017 by arepsher

Hi all,

I will do my best to explain this...


I have a series of properties (900) located next to eachother in a line along a corridor (see CorridorOfProperties attachment)

I want to create an individual map showing each one of these individual properties (so 900 properties = 900 maps) using the map series pages in ArcGIS Pro.


The challenge: since the properties are all next to eachother, more than one property will be displayed in each map (see WhatsHappening attachment)

But I want only the subject property to appear. (See WhatIWant attachment)


How can I make this happen using a non-manual process? 

I know I could query on the layer using the ObjectID for each feature that I want to see in each map, but that would take too much time with 900 properties...


Thank you!