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Custom Widgets in Web AppBuilder

Question asked by ncynkar on Jul 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2017 by dlaw-esristaff

I have been working to upload custom widgets from the following site: Roberts Custom WAB Widgets .


I have done this successfully in the past and was able to upload widgets such as the Layer Toggle Button. The WAB for developers has been downloaded and set up for creating apps. I was able to fully implement the new widgets into the WAB. Now, 1 week later, I tried to add new widgets to the stemapp folder and they refuse to upload into the online WAB.


The command prompt shows a message:

"message: not extended C:\(Location of the custom widgets that I am attempting to add)


I have used guides provided by Derek Law such as and . 


I followed the guides almost exactly. In order to load the developer, I click on 'Open Application' on the application that I configured in the earlier steps. After this I must delete "" from the domain name in order for the developer to properly load. In the Redirect URLs I also omitted the ""


I have tried reloading the page several times but the widgets are never properly uploaded. I can't figure out what the issue may be.