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What might cause Arc to crash with Server Exception Error (001143) when using Feature Class conversion with where clause?

Question asked by jamestompkins on Jun 22, 2017

I have a Query Feature Class created from an Oracle SDE connection in an MXD. Before I upgraded to 10.4.1, I had a Python script that would access the MXD, run a FeatureClassToFeatureClass_conversion operation to output a shapefile of the current data in the FC. I have now modified the operation in my ArcPy using a where_clause with the following gist:




(I have done the same using TO_DATE(CURRENT DATE).)


However, when I run my script, whenever it hits this line in the code, it attempts for a while and then throws an ERROR 001143: Server threw an exception and asks me to close the application. Disabling background geoprocessing simply results in ArcGIS crashing altogether when the code is run. 


Does anyone have any similar experience with geoprocessing from Oracle Query Feature Classes and difficulty with converting to a shapefile when including a 'where clause' expression?