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How do I import data from an Excel Spreadsheet into polygons in a map with popups?

Question asked by apleona on Jun 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2017 by cconnollyesriuk-esridist

I have a spreadsheet that has columns such as Project Name, Country (USA & Canada), State, Province, and Project Description. 


I need to import this data using ARCGIS, and have it popup with the project name, description, etc. 


For example, if a data row had a railroad as the Project, USA as the Country, Colorado as the State, and R&R as the description, I need ARCGIS to pull that in, create a polygon around Colorado (color it in) and when the user clicks on Colorado, it popups with the project info. 


I also need to be able to search by layer for info. So a user can search by project name, state, etc. 


I have had limited success with the ARCGIS for Excel plugin, but I'm not sure how to create searchable features from it. 


I need the functionality like this: CCPPP :: Home Page .