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In which unit is the nearest distance calculated with Near tool?

Question asked by Vincenty on May 23, 2017
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I used the Analysis -> Proximity -> Near tool to calculate the nearest distance between:

- a Point feature class as Input

- a Line feature class as Near


Whatever the GCS of the Input feature class (Geographic NAD27, Projected NAD27 Albers Equal Area Conic), or the GCS of the .mxd project, the reslt is always the same. And it looks as being Meters if I double-check with the  Measure tool.


The only diffrence I can output is if I use Geodesic or Planar option, which shows a little difference... (and looks logic).


My question is what is the unit of the calculated nearest distance? Looks like to be Meters, but why is it that by default?


And how is it possible to set another unit for nearest distance?