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Getting desired "field"  from the user and iterate it values for calculation with another field in another layer in model builder

Question asked by dil.sankalpa8 on May 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2017 by geomanscott

I developed a model and in one part of its process, it multiply two fields of two shape files. Here user should be able to enter one of the desired field in one shape file and other filed will be selected automatically by the model. To get the user input of desired field, I used a script inside the model and it worked successfully. But unfortunately I later found out that it doesn't work in other machines unless location of the script is specified. I want to distribute my model to my co workers and it should be work with the inputs given in the model interface without editing it. So I am wonder if there is any alternative way to make my model work in any machine without using a script inside the model or is there a way to have a variable in the interface to specify the location of the script?