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Migrating From Classic Asp To A New Framework

Question asked by tselvidge on May 18, 2017
Latest reply on May 23, 2017 by endlessdsire

It is my understanding that ESRI is no longer supporting classic asp. I assume it is not (or soon will not be) supporting I am looking for an esri supported framework that I can migrate my application into that will be supported for at least the next few years. I really don't care to migrate my project only to have to migrate it again in another year or two.


The master asp page is ~20,000 lines of code and uses vb in the asp top portion when calling numerous sql procedures, variable definitions from the sql procedures, response buffering and overall setup. Javascript is used in the main body. Html4 joins it all together with script and includes some specialized html coding at the bottom for filters and searches. CSS pages are referenced and used.  I am using around 25 different service layers which are referenced in a separate javascript page. There are currently 8 different interactive queries and filters. My company wants all code projects to be added into and published using TFS.


My question is if anyone can recommend a new framework I can use that is and will be supported by ESRI for the somewhat foreseeable future. I have been looking into different options such as html based but I just don't know enough to be able to figure out what is my best option and how to implement it.