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Printing Different Spatial Reference

Question asked by dafiter Champion on May 4, 2017

I have my services in state plane. (WKID 2270)

I have my basemap data in state plane and converted to WGS 1984 

I am using the Print Plus widget but I don't think this changes anything. 


We have read this article and have tired to implement what it says. 

ArcGIS Online moving to Google / Bing tiling scheme: What does this mean for you? | ArcGIS Blog 


When Printing

The dynamic basemap works perfectly. The Scale is printed properly and the layer matches up. 

When I turn on the cache the map does not work as expected. The layers do not match up when I go to print. 

The scale is correct though. 


Dynamic Basemap. 


Cached Basemap: 

(taxlots are not aligned) 


Any ideas how to get both scale and layers to work correctly for a cached basemap? 


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