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In builder mode, Graphics layer added with ids dont show graphics after making edits to widget

Question asked by sumitza on Apr 20, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2017 by rscheitlin


For e.g:

I have added graphics layer to show buffer from custom widget


this._bufferLayer = new GraphicsLayer({
"id": "bufferGraphicsLayer"

Steps to reproduce:

1: Open app with widget configured in edit mode
2: Add Graphics to graphics layer

3: Open the widget configuration settings page
4: Click ok to save settings
5: Draw a new Graphics on the buffer layer and notice the graphics is not drawn


Where as, if we add graphics layer without id's and try the same steps this issues is not reproducible. This seems to be an issue with the reloading of the app in the builder mode after editing. Also i tried to access the  graphics layer in the postCreate method after aditing and that layer is already available in map.


So i think WAB - Builder mode is not removing the graphics layer after editing, which it should.