Topology AddIn Guinea Pig wanted

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Hey everybody,


On a monthly basis I create a bunch of topologys to make sure that my polygon layers don't overlap or have gaps (ESN). I also run a topology on my street layer to find street segments that aren't snapped. This process consists mostly of models.


Since I always try to help my Public safety brethren, I figured I compile my process in a Python AddIn, that "should be easy to use". I started a day ago and have the skeleton of the AddIn finished and now I am looking for a Guinea Pig (I am looking at you Chris Donohue, GISP & Joe Borgione ) to use it!


Latest Update:

- Created an official document: Topology Check Python AddIn (12/10/18) 

- Added Error message when the wrong feature is chosen for certain Checks (i.e. polygon feature is chosen for dangle check)

- Now works with ArcGIS Desktop Standard

- Latest test version that includes a polygon break check. This check make sure that your line features are broken when they intersect with a polygon feature. Just select the line feature and polygon feature in the TOC and run the check.

Dropbox - TopoAddIn.esriaddin  10.3.1 + version



Here is what you need:

ArcGIS Desktop Standard 10.3.1 or later versions


Here is how it works:

1. You would download the add in HERE. (10.1 version HERE )

2. Double click it and install it.

3. Open an MXD and add a polygon layer and a street layer.

4.The toolbar should be there but if it is not click on Customize -> Toolbars -> TopoCheck

5. Follow the steps in the screenshot!



As I said it is still a work in progress, especially the street dangle check.


Let me know what you think!