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AGOL Application Search Widget generates "no results" message

Question asked by FDOTD7GIS on Mar 29, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2019 by NathanaelRodd95

I implemented a Search Widget in an AGOL Web Application.  The data source is a feature layer (polylines) contained in a map service in the associated Web Map.  The field I am searching is a text field containing the alphanumeric pipe ID of the associated storm drain pipe (e.g. 10P10066).  When I enter the pipe ID and select a pipe ID from the pull-down list (see attached) AGOL returns an error message "No Results Found...".  However, when I copy/paste that exact Pipe ID into the Search input box and select search icon AGOL finds the pipe.  Why do I get a "No Results Found" error message when selecting that exact same pipe from the pull-down list?  This is very useful functionality that I would like to work and not have to direct users to key-in entire name rather than select pipe from pull-down list.


Any assistance is greatly appreciated!


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Steve Branson

FDOT D7 GIS Coordinator