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How to use relationship info to find feature layers in web map service?

Question asked by nickteach888 on Mar 16, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2018 by r3weber

In the docs it says:

" You may add one or more layer items to compose a web map or web scene item. Whenever you perform such an operation, you establish a relationship between the items."

I take this to mean that each web map should have a relationship to any layers that have been added to it.


However it seems that if I try to check a map that has a single feature layer, and a publicly hosted basemap I always get the following error for both dependent_to() and dependent_upon() methods:


Unable to get dependents to: 2f1071ac3228427289a6e03d2b625995 Unable to retrieve item dependents.

When I try 

webmap_item.related_items('Map2FeatureCollection', 'forward')

It returns an empty array/list.


What are the limitations of these methods? Do they not work if any of the layers are hosted on a public ArcGIS Server? How about an ArcGIS Server that has security setup?


I tried dependent_to on several feature layers and also received the same error.