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Generate new polygons after spatial join of two layers

Question asked by thomasdyb on Mar 9, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2017 by thomasdyb

I did a spatial join of two layers: buildings and properties. My target is to select out all properties that contains buildings, and I did that with the 'select by location' tools. The problem is that my property polygons can for example contain buildings on half of the property, and the rest of the is suitable regarding my criteria (location analysis for housing - undeveloped areas). 


After spatial join, is there a tool that can regenerate polygons, making new polygon boarders based on groups of buildings (sorry for bad explaining). I know it can be don manually by editor, but my analyst area is too big to do it all this way. My goal is to do something like 'feature to polygon' (Feature To Polygon—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop) but my polygons (buildings) aren't adjacent.


Edit: The marked area (red) in the attachment is the type of area I want to extract.