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ArcGIS and Oracle SDE Database in ArcGIS Pro with VDI

Question asked by mvolz47 on Feb 21, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2017 by mvolz47

My organization is moving towards VDI instead of physical machines for all software including GIS. GIS software has been exempt from VDI in the past, as the VDI environment was unable to support GIS operations.  In my current testing I was able to install a 64-bit Oracle 12c Client and ArcGIS Pro on a dedicated VDI session and I was able to create an Oracle SDE connection and load data into ArcGIS Pro.


In order to streamline the VDI environment to have VDI sessions for many GIS users, the Oracle 12c Client was thin-apped.  I then installed ArcGIS Pro on a VDI session with the newly created Oracle 12c Client thin-app, but I was unable to connect to the Oracle database.  With the help of a DBA I then went into Oracle Net Manager and I was able to successfully connect to the Oracle database so I know the thin-apped Oracle 12c Client is working (just not in ArcGIS Pro).  Has anyone setup a similar VDI environment and had issues connecting to an Oracle database in ArcGIS Pro?


Please note that the environmental variable PATH did not originally have an Oracle Home setup for the thin app deployment.  But pointing to the Oracle 12c Client install location for the PATH environmental variable for the thin app did not solve the Oracle connection problem in ArcGIS Pro.