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Near-tool with more than one nearest feature

Question asked by griessie on Feb 21, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2017 by griessie

Hello appreciated community,


I know the nearest-tool to find one nearest feature (within a radius). But this tool doesn’t fit for my goal anymore:

I have a feature-layer with road-segments (polylines) and a second feature-layer “intersections” (points).

The intersection points are of course very close to the roadsegments (less the 5 meter), when there is an intersection. One road segment has mostly two intersections (one at each end) but sometimes only one overall (dead end). On the other hand every intersection has three (T-junction) or four closed road segments.

Now, my wish is to join the intersections and the road segments, e.g. like with the nearest tool. But unfortunately I have mostly more than one element, which need to joined.

Maybe there is a kind of a buffer tool. So I need to find all intersections within a 5 meter radius of the road segments or all road segments within a 5 meter radius of the intersections.


Do you know any suitable tool in ArcMap or do you have any another idea? Thank you so much.




p.s. ArcMAP 10.0, win 7 64