Signal Coverage Analysis

Discussion created by acelikp1m1 on Dec 25, 2010
Hello All,

As a team, we are trying to use a DEM file for the first time in our projects and we are pretty unfamiliar with it. What we are trying to do is implement our previously prepared algorithms to Silverlight (somehow) and run a signal coverage analysis on web.

Where we all stuck is the very beginning of the whole process, reading the DEM file. As far as we are aware, DEMS are made of cells in certain sizes. Ours is 30x30 meters.

- Right now, we need to find out a way to read the location info of mid-points of each cell.
- Then we will calculate the euclidean distances of every point to each other.
- Next step will be running our algorithm on the DEM (if possible) or another feature class (that contains the data of DEM) using the euclidean distances as a parameter.
- And final step will be re-classifying/coloring DEM cells to define the signal coverage levels.

As I have written each step we are planning ahead, I would really appreciate if you have any input for any part of the process.

Thank you in advance,

A. Celik