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Empty output from Intersect Analysis?

Question asked by juliachowe on Feb 4, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2017 by Dan_Patterson

I am running intersect analysis for a large number of records in a python script. There are ~2100 records, and I perform intersect analysis for each record. The script works fine until it gets to about record 1850 - then creates an empty output. I tried repairing the geometry of the inputs and it made no difference. Each of these inputs is almost exactly the same in size, orientation, etc. Why is this tool crashing on input 1850? 


This is the section of my code that is producing the empty output:

arcpy.Intersect_analysis([output_point,output_line],output_snap,"ALL","0.5 Meters","")


*Profile and point are created from geometry objects. I had issues previously getting intersect analysis to recognize the correct hierarchy of the geometry objects, which is why I've copied them to feature classes. As feature classes, intersect analysis recognizes hierarchy just fine.


For the record in question, the output line and points are produced without a problem. It's just the intersect analysis that is producing the problem.