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Export individual objects based on attribute or characteristic from the rule

Question asked by Tetekos on Jan 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2017 by raze

I have not found a way to export specific sets of 3d objects individually. For example export first all the trees, then all the buildings, then all the sidewalks, then all the roads etc. Instead CE exports everything that gets generated from the rules within a lot. Is there any way to export sets of objects?

If there isn't I was thinking if with a python script that could be possible. Any ideas please?


What I tried so far is that I added in the rule something like that:

Building -->
      report ("Layer", "Building")

      extrude (height)

So when I export it in a geodatabase as a multipatch per leaf shape I can select a building and in the attribute table there a column called "Layer" whose value is "Building". So I write queries and isolate each object category. However this is time consuming as a process. 


Please if anyone has tried something like that make a comment.