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Multiple Users Accessing Same SDE File

Question asked by jhead@lakeworth on Dec 2, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2016 by jhead@lakeworth

I am in charge of a SDE with my Municipality with a large amount of data over 300+ separate files. I have multiple departments that have access to this SDE with multiple users in each department. No users besides myself and one other (my associate) edit any information. Everyone else is only viewing the data (in ArcMap).


My problem is that when it comes time for myself or my colleague to make edits or perform file property changes (add domains etc.) to files, the files are being used by other users (usually more than one) which cause file locks.


I want to know how I can still make these edits/ file changes while other users are still viewing the files. 

I have proposed that when these file locks occur I ask the users to exit out of ArcMap the only issue is some users have very old PC's and the start-up time for these MXD's can be very long and asking them to boot off arcMap multiple times a day is not a reasonable request. 

It would be ideal for me to be able to make my desired edits while other users are reading the files and these files would update for the user once they exit out and reopen the file connection to the SDE. So basically while reading the file nothing changes (even though I made edits while they had the file open) until they close arcmap and re-open it. 


Any information at all regarding this topic is much appreciated!