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Click to view contentHello,   After upgrade database to 10.6.1 from 10.4 I was able give permission to user so they can see some layers. this sis SQL server 2014. After upgrade, I am able to access my DB but when I try to grant privileges to a user I got his error. I know my username and password is correct because I can see my layers and use it as admin, editor… (Show more)
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Click to view contentHi,   I have an Enterprise Geodatabase in SQL Server 2016 and I am building Utility Network using ArcGIS Pro 2.2. My geodatabase is created as DBO owned schema and not as SDE owned schema. When I set geodatabase connection properties with versioning type set to Branch, it sets the version name as DEFAULT and owner as "SDE" and does not let me… (Show more)
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Looking for input and/or testing ideas. We have enterprise geodatabases (SQL Server 2016) running on VMs in our data center. They vary in complexity from simple default with only a few feature classes/assets to heavily versioned with numerous feature classes/assets.   When I open the properties window for an SDE connection file on my desktop… (Show more)
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Our Enterprise GeoDatabase running on Oracle has been configured at the database level to force logging. ArcSDE DBTUNE defines many tables and indexes by default to be NOLOGGING for performance reasons. Is force logging not a good approach for geodatabases?   Some context : Our production database runs in archivelog mode. When we do a DB restore… (Show more)
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Has anybody had any succession with a relational geodatabase? I set up a relationship class between a feature class and a annotation. Now when I edit the feature class the annotation automatically updates.   I'm trying to accomplish the same process but with two feature classes within a geodatabase. I want a relationship class between two… (Show more)
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Click to view contentHi, We are currently having  memory pressure issues with the SQL server box that hosts our enterprise geodatabases.   The specs for the SQL Server Box are as follows:   Intel Xeon  CPU E5-2660 v3 @ 2.60 GHz 2.59GHz (2 processors) Installed memory (RAM): 16 GB   Running SQL 2014 SP1 and Windows Server 2012 R2   We have about 50 spatial… (Show more)
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I have a feature class in versioned geodatabase that contains a status field that flags the record as "Proposed" or "Completed".  The data users want this published as two separate feature classes based on the status field.   I am looking at using a 1-way replica with a definition query filter (based on the status field) to separate the data into… (Show more)
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I have a problematic edit that I can see in the "a tables". How can I find the version linked to this edit with sql in an Oracle system?   I cannot find the state in the sde versions table so it is not the most recent state for the version... But the edit is from yesterday afternoon, so it is not super old.
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We have a large, statewide dataset (1,088,439 parcel polygons) in SQL, and we can add it to Pro 2.3.2 and open the attribute table just fine.  We also have a view of this dataset in another database (for read-only access by various users), and while it CAN be added to a map where the polygons appear, an error occurs when attempting to open the… (Show more)
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