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Good day,   I have a layer of points along with a polygon shapefile which has multiple polygons which cover these points. Each polygon has a unique attribute. Is there a way to select points based on the attribute for a certain polygon in that polygon shapefile ?    regards
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Hi there   I created a view in SQL Server and unfortunately the only unique differences between the rows is an ID number in combination with the geometry [polygon]. Unfortunately there is nothing else that can be used to make them unique.   In order to make them unique I then created a row id. I use the following in my view statement:   select… (Show more)
in Geodatabase
I have a feature class in a 10.3.1 SDE (called Production) used for editing and overnight that FC is copied over to another SDE (called Published) for displaying in map services (this is done to avoid locks).  However, a recent copy of the FC from the Production SDE in Published has resulted in odd behavior.  See the screenshots below. When… (Show more)
in Geodatabase
I have a Spatial view of a relationship between a not spatial table and a feature class. I was able to get the to join based on the correct field. I had a number of discrepancies between the two tables so i start editing the tables as need so the data would join up. It worked on my first pass through the data but then i had to do some research to… (Show more)
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I am branching off this thread:     I have a manhole inspections fc, related to a inspection history table, using GlobalID (aka gid)/Parent guid in a one to many relationship, and the table has attachments using gid/Parent guid.   So far, I've… (Show more)
in Geodatabase
Hello,   I was surprised to notice that updating an archived table view as described here: Mise à jour de données non versionnées de géodatabase dans Oracle avec SQL—Aide | ArcGIS Desktop  does not update the editor tracking fields. The archiving functionnality works but not the tracking editor. Is it an expected behavior ? I searched in the… (Show more)
in Geodatabase
I am working with MS SQL Server 2012 and ArcMap 10.4. I'm a bit of newbie to SQL so please bear with me.   I have created a view in my database using the following query:   CREATE VIEW dbo.intermediate AS SELECT MIN(pa.OBJECTID) OBJECTID, MIN(pa.INT_NAME) INT_NAME, MIN(pa.INT_NAME) + ' INT' AS CAMPUS, MIN(pa.ISD) ISD,… (Show more)
in Geodatabase
The following is to request assistance in explaining some of the IT Database resources in my city the reason why an enterprise geodatabase (in SQL) has many objects, tables, stored procedures that they consider are not needed. The issue came after geo-enabling a non-spatial database in the test environment in order to start incorporating GIS… (Show more)
in Geodatabase
Hi All,   I just wanted to start a discussion about data model changes. We have many instances where we need to do some or all of the following - 1. Field addition/deletion/renaming or any other field change. 2. Domain creation/modification. 3. New Feature class/Table creation. 4. New relationship class creation. 5. Enable Z-Aware or M-Aware… (Show more)
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How does Esri define and differentiate "workgroup geodatabases" and "desktop geodatabases".   The table of client and geodatabase compatibility identifies "Enterprise, workgroup, or desktop geodatabase" as distinct geodatabase types.   In the same help section, enterprise geodatabases are described, but the terms "workgroup geodatabase" and… (Show more)
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