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Hello,   I relatively new to the Enterprise Geodatabase world and was given a bunch of old .sde connection files created in 2013 (Which were created before I got the job, and I am assuming on an older SQL Server).     I was tasked to create a Utility Network using the .sde feature classes, which required an update to a 2016 SQL Server. After… (Show more)
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I am using 10.3.1 and will be moving to 10.4.1 shortly.  My goal is to create as many "live" layers as possible by integrating to other SQL databases, and then pushing out services for use in web maps.  Example: ParcelID on the feature in the enterprise geodatabase is joined to GISID for tax rolls in the tax database.  When GISID's information is… (Show more)
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Hi All   We have a GeoDatabase in sql server and some layers with attachments. We create the attachments using ArcMap or Pro. Some of the features have many attachments including big ones (movies) and we will have many features. We would like to control the creation of the attachment table in the database. I could not find any keyword for this… (Show more)
Hi Team,    We are working with ArcGIS Desktop + Server 10.5.1 and we are publishing 2 services with 2 views which are having minor changes in fields but we want those 2 different services because of some specific requirements. We are following steps to publish the services are: 1. DB from which these 2 views are getting accessed are already… (Show more)
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I am having a problem setting the correct permissions in SQL to be considered a data owner in ArcGIS Pro. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I am using SQL Server Express 2019 and ArcGIS Pro 2.5.1   I am connecting to the SQL instance using the Windows Authentication method. I am using the dbo schema. If I right-click on the database… (Show more)
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Hi there, we have an Oracle based Enterprise DB with multiple Oracle SDE schemas/users. Now, when I create a view in Schema A I can see that view in Schema B in ArcCatalog (and all other ArcMap based tools). Which is not just annoying but also causes problems with one tool (running in Shema B) as it tries to process that view. In Oracle SQL… (Show more)
in Geodatabase
Hello,   I have a SDE database stored in Azure SQL. In there I have several Feature Class with 100s of millions of features in each FC. I copy those to a local FGDB with use of arcpy.Append_management. I have observed that for various Feature Classes I get different data transfer speed at which the features are streamed from SQL to my VM. As part… (Show more)
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Create Role Error I'm trying to Create Role with mutiuser geodatabase  [Operation succeeded with warning messages written to error log file] Error creating role. Failed to execute (CreateRole).
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