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How does Esri define and differentiate "workgroup geodatabases" and "desktop geodatabases".   The table of client and geodatabase compatibility identifies "Enterprise, workgroup, or desktop geodatabase" as distinct geodatabase types.   In the same help section, enterprise geodatabases are described, but the terms "workgroup geodatabase" and… (Show more)
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Oracle 12.1   SDE 10.4.2 and  MS SQL 2016 SP1  SDE 10.5.0    As we migrate from Oracle to SQL Server I see that MS SQL takes more storage, but I don't see a pattern.  In one geodatabase Oracle consumed 10GB, SQL Server 15GB.  In our largest geodatabase, Oracle is consuming about 100GB, Sql Server is almost at 200GB and the data is less than… (Show more)
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The practical handbook must document both quantitative and qualitative spatial data quality elements as per the NSDI standard using Namibian examples. The handbook should also provide simplified explanatory notes with examples where possible   Practical Assessment of Positional Accuracy Practical Assessment of Thematic Accuracy (both qualitative… (Show more)
Where do the logs get put on Windows 10 for arcGIS Desktop?   I'm getting a connection to the database, but suspect that I don't have the right level of permissions in the database
I have a script that uses a search cursor on a shapefile to retrieve data, add a few things, puts each row in a list, and then copies each item in that list as a new row to a SDE feature class using an insert cursor. The problem is that when I use the insert cursor, it doesn't insert any rows into the SDE feature class, even though I get an exit… (Show more)
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Hello everyone, I have one question regarding the creation of mutiple geodatabse as explained in the documentation :   Set up a geodatabase in Oracle—Help | ArcGIS Desktop    I have one Oracle Instance and I demanded DBA to create two schemas: one is SDE and ons is user schema. All the required oracle privileges were granted as given in… (Show more)
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Creating a mosaic database in ArcCatelog and when I try to add data raster to my newly mosaic file, I keep getting this error message: 8004205f: no new mosaic item was added. I have looked on this sight for similiar issues but did not find anything that could help me with this issue.      I am bringing in the raster from layers that have the… (Show more)
I want to create a spatial view that draws a buffer around my input features, like this: SELECT a.OBJECTID, sde.st_buffer (a.SHAPE, 33) as SHAPE FROM schemaname.tablename a WHERE OBJECTID IS NOT NULL  I get the following errors: Any ideas what the problem could be?   Geodatabase version 10.3; Oracle version Configured according… (Show more)
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This blog will give you information about the ability to register database views with the geodatabase at 10.5.   ArcGIS allows access to database views and tables that are not registered with the geodatabase via a query layer. An unregistered view within a geodatabase can be a view that is created using DBMS client tools or via the Create… (Show more)
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