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I would like to update a feature based on the values from another table.  Can I reference other tables using attribute rules and arcade.  'FeatureSets' seems to only refer to referencing other layers in AGOL/Portal.   Thanks!   Xander Bakker ?
in Geodatabase
Hi there,   I have created a view in Oracle 11.2.. Its a view across three tables. I have contracts in one table  and people related to the contracts  in a second table (1:n). I need the people's names in a field next to the contract details (for export purposes only). Therefor I created a view using LISTAGG to concatenate all people's names… (Show more)
in Geodatabase
I am building a comparison analysis for a database outside of my GDB, but still use the data within the GDB. I have imported the data into a File GDB and have the following fields I am working with:    ACLARA_TYPE    ACLARA_MODEL    METER_TYPE    ANALYSIS_FLAG Here is what I am doing:    If ACLARA_TYPE = 39 and ACLARA_MODEL = 2 AND EQUALS… (Show more)
in Geodatabase
Hello, I created a spatial view by joining a layer and a view. For some reason I cannot Identify features and select them on the map. However: I can see the features on the map (e.g. geometry is joined) I can open attribute table and see the whole data (e.g. it's business data is  joined) I can correctly zoom to a feature from the attribute… (Show more)
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From time to time getting this error from the AGS Log, " RequestId: 15112 4/23/2019 6:29:19 PM 7a59b848-7642-4aa1-9c41-ac2adf9d711d Error: FDO_E_VERSION_REDEFINED. The version has been redefined to reference a new database state.. Made 19 failed attempt(s) to reconcile and save edits. Performing StopEditing (without save).FDO_E_VERSION_REDEFINED.… (Show more)
in Geodatabase
I'm currently working with a multiple featureclass geodatabase where domains and subtypes have been set up. However, we've discovered that a number of records have been improperly attributed. When we run the geodatabase though our shchemas, (either in part or in whole,) a number of the records symbolize properly, but those that have the incorrect… (Show more)
in Geodatabase
Click to view contentWhen I attempt to export data from a table as a dbase file, text, or to a fgdb. I also cannot export it to a feature class in a fgdb. Every time I try I get an error.    The source feature class is in SDE.  I can display the data in ArcMap and I can view the attribute table without any problem. I can also view the data with sql without any… (Show more)
in Geodatabase
Click to view contentAfter troubleshooting with: - a series of compresses, rebuild indexes and analyze datasets ran manually - Two nights of automated compress, rebuild and analyze Python routines - Recreate replicas with a different ID   I still have lingering SDE states in the SDE_States table. When running a query for all records in the table, I receive:  
in Geodatabase
I'm just getting to know ArcGIS and trying to set up a network analysis workflow using Pro 2.2.4 and Network Analyst with StreetMap Premium.  We review the health care provider networks of insurance plans for adequate geographic coverage over the plan's service area. I can complete each required function, but it seems like I'm asking ArcGIS to run… (Show more)
in Geodatabase
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