Pan and Rotate doesnt work from C# WPF App

Discussion created by jaygis on Nov 28, 2016

Hi There, I have a WPF app that loads an HTML page using default WebBrowser Control, noticed that Pan/Rotate functionality doesn't work with Version 4.0/4.1. I wanted to check and see if anyone else came across this issue. As a test,  I tried loading some of the ESRI samples (no custom code) and I still see this issue. Appreciate any feedback. Thanks Jay




public MainWindow() {     InitializeComponent();      MapBrowser.Navigate(new Uri("http://index.html"));       MapBrowser.LoadCompleted += MapBrowserOnLoadCompleted;   }  private void MapBrowserOnLoadCompleted(object senderNavigationEventArgs navigationEventArgs) {     Debug.Write(sender);     MapBrowser.Refresh(); }