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Client-side raster filtering - NoData problem

Question asked by dave_adams on Nov 7, 2016


I am developing an app based on the client-side filtering sample (Raster layer slider | ArcGIS API for JavaScript 3.18 ) using a image service. The content in the image service (added from an image mosaic) is not continuous and is currently about 200 images spread across the globe. The problem is the NoData values in the spaces between the images is being treated as though they are 255 value pixels and thus are not added to the mask if I set the maximum value to 255. If I artificially set the maximum threshold to 254 then the nodata areas are added to the mask and displayed as transparent as expected but this also has the side-effect of making genuine 255's within the imagery as transparent. As a quick fix I could reclassify the 255's to 254 in the source rasters but this is far from ideal. Has anyone else come across this issue and know of a workaround? I found this article which seems to correlate with the problem I am finding.

Problem: In ArCGIS Image Server, NoData values of the source rasters in an elevation service display as actual values in… 


Many thanks.