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Why are Graphics Layer Points are offset at higher zoom levels?

Question asked by siluvairajansj on Nov 3, 2016

This happens on the Map control of my JS API application.  JS API V 3.15 


When I zoom in, the graphics layer draws points with offset.  This only happens if I go higher than zoom level 19.

Zoom level 19


zoom level 23


My Map service uses the Spatial Reference: 102100  (3857)  and the layers use the same.


There are no offset set in the Marker Symbol!


here are the coordinates


Graphics in the selection layer : {"x":-8236542.608046744,"y":4972503.374560848,"spatialReference":{"wkid":102100,"latestWkid":3857}}
Same point in ArcMap Layer :     "x":-8236542.608046744,"y":4972503.374560848
Graphics in the selection layer drawing location at zoom level 23 :    "x":-8236542.689359816,"y":4972503.365381212
The Point as drawn by Map service   at zoom level 23  is at  :            "x":-8236542.502745978,"y":4972502.171052645