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adding new values to a new field based off previous field in same layer (query)

Question asked by jhead@lakeworth on Oct 27, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2016 by jhead@lakeworth

I have a layer, I am trying to merge multiple values (multi family, multi family <10) from field 1 into a newly created field 2 as the same value (MF). I have over 50,000 records of this so I was wondering if im in an edit session will the attribute query work for this? Haven't had much luck so far. or maybe another tool will execute this. 


field 1 has multi family and multi family < 10 (along with 50 other value types)

field is currently all NULL.


I want so select the values from field 1 that are  multi family and multi family <10 and create a new value in field 2 as 'MF'.