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Editing sql Geometry without SDE in ArcMap

Question asked by jportolese1 on Oct 21, 2016
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I just recently got ArcMap software version 10.4.1 from my company and am using it to peruse my enterprise SQL Server Instance.  Many of the tables include geographic entities stored using sql server Geometry spatial data type.  I don't have SDE but have had no problems creating query layers or loading the tables directly from the add data button.  I'd like to edit the data but it seems to not allow me to do so.  Is there some proper workflow that makes sql table data with geometry editable in ArcMap?  I've got a lot of experience with ESRI tools but always accessed it through SDE.  Unfortunately the software will be of little value if I can't move vertices and points around in an edit session and will have to rely on MapInfo to do this.


Any info on how to edit the geometry info in simple sql server 2012 tables in ArcMap would be greatly appreciated.