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Data Grid - Changing Column Widths?

Question asked by ipeebles on Oct 13, 2016
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I am populating an array that contains fields and labels that will be used in a data grid.  I am working with the ESRI sample, and I am trying to change the width of the columns for each attribute, but have not had any luck.


Here is the block of code:


var columns = [
{'field': 'PARCELID', 'label': "Parcel ID"},
{'field': 'OWNERNME1', 'label': 'Owner 1'},
{'field': 'OWNERNME2', 'label': 'Owner 2'},
{'field': 'RESYRBLT', 'label': 'Year Built'},
{'field': 'SITEADDRESS', 'label': 'Street Address', 'width': '50'}


The fields all remain the same width within the application.  I am testing with this sample:

Here is the sample I am looking at:


Display Find Task results in Dojo DataGrid 


I just cannot get the column widths to change.  Anyone have any ideas?