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Define source raster in mosaic dataset

Question asked by mgasior on Oct 13, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2016 by mgasior

I have a problem with source rasters in my mosaic dataset which is updated by python script.

I've noticed that some older mosaic records lost reference to source rasters and the Raster field is empty:

When I click in Raster column, empty properties are displayed.


I've already checked with Repair tool if the data sources are correct - rasters are in the same place and I can access folder with UNC path.

I've also run Analyze Mosaic Dataset and got already known error: The RASTER field of the mosaic dataset item is empty.

The suggested solution is running Synchronize Mosic Dataset tool. When I run it, it says: "0 items synchronized", no matter what I select with options.


Is there any other way to reconnect source rasters to mosaic?

If there's no automatic way to update raster - how to do this manually. Is it possible to update source of the raster just like source of layer?


Mosaic resides in file geodatabase, version 10.3.1.