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Filter widget: displaying subtype descriptions

Question asked by fahad_dalbouh@redlands.edu_univredlands on Sep 24, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2016 by QSun-esristaff

Hello All,

I have one question in regard to the filter widget. I have a file geodatabase which has one feature class that contain subtypes and domains. A feature service has been created from this geodatabase on Arc-Map and published it to ArcGIS Online for use in collecting information from the public. A web map also has been created with this feature service on ArcGIS Online using ArcGIS for Web AppBuilder (integrated edition). The Filter widget was set to provide a list of cities and a list of types of cultural asset. So, the user has to select the city first from a list domain and then select the type of cultural asset from a subtype filed. The issue is with the subtype field, which displays only the coded value rather than the description of the coded subtype. I would like the user to see the description of the coded subtype instead of the value coded. Is there any way to do that ?.  A screenshot of the problem is in the attached word document.


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