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How to identify unsupported WebMap?

Question asked by r.unrauconterra-de-esridist Employee on Sep 22, 2016

Hi everybody,


I would like to make use of WebMaps in the new ArcGIS API for JavaScript. The API reference states that working with WebMap is partially supported and some portal items might be created with unknown or unsupported layers. Is there a way to detect if a particular WebMap is not fully supported during runtime? Which layer types are not supported and can the metadata of an item be used to prevent loading content which will create these layers?


For example, I would like to be informed if the content of a WebMap like this (51c07f67478e461c984e13d5157236c4) cannot be displayed. Inserting the ID into the sandbox example does not lead to any console warning or errors. However, the features of this item are not displayed. Instead, it shows only the basemap.

I already tried using the load status of the PortalItem, WebMap, or MapView and parsed the created layers for information. The API reference does not contain much information about this topic. Maybe someone has similar problems or is aware of a workaround. Otherwise, should I refer to the support with this question?


Thanks in advance,