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How to aggregate multiple layers into themes

Question asked by stevel on Sep 6, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2016 by cgishack

County of Simcoe have a nice interactive map based on ArcGIS Web AppBuilder, at

This application contains functionality I haven't seen before in a WAB map - it aggregates layers into "themes", allowing the user to change the contents of the map with a single click:

enter image description here

Is this function provided by an existing WAB widget, or is this something that Simcoe have written from scratch?

(Note that the "themes" in this case don't refer to styling of the application, but to grouping similar layers together. Eg viewing the Local Real Estate "theme" changes the map's layers to only show real estate).

I can think of a few different ways to approach this, but I don't want to waste time if an existing widget already handles it.

(I asked this question elsewhere within Geonet but I'm trying again in the main WAB section as I didn't get any responses)