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Using FeatureClass as Extended Property Table?

Question asked by elabuschagne on Aug 2, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2016 by elabuschagne

ArcGIS Workflow installed on ArcGIS server.

Server version : 10.4

Workflow Manager : 10.4


As I understand it, it should be possible to use a feature class as an extended property table in Workflow.

Here is how I try and do it:

1. R-click Extended Property Table

2. Click Add Extended Properties Table

3. In the Dialogue that pops up, I select my featureclass and click "Add".

4. Leave name as suggested and set the "Link Field" to the column I created.

5. Click "OK" and the Dialogue closes


Now, I don't see my feature class appear under "Extende Property Tables".

If I try again to add the table, it now errors with "Error Storing TP_Application".


I do some troubleshooting and find:

1. Is my table listed under "GeoDatabses -> Extended Property Tables"? No.

2. JTX_PROP_RELATIONSHIPS has an entry for my table. (I also tried one to one, same error)

3. I look at Job Types->MyJobType, "Extended Properties" tab and my table appears there.  I can select the table and some of it's properties.

4. After selecting properties in (4) above, I create a Job and open it in Workflow Manager.  In the Related Properties tab, my featureclass's fields do NOT appear (same for when I try and add it as 1-1, does not appear in Extended Properties).  Only the "regular" tables that I have added appear as editable extended properties.


Some pre-emptive answers:

Yes, I can add "regular" tables with no problem.

Yes, I have a link field in my FeatureClass and it is set up in exactly the same manner as the "regular" tables that do work.

Yes, the FeatureClass is visible to the workflow manager administrator.  It's in exactly the "same place" as the "regular" tables that do work.


So, am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?