Cannot create LOI in Workflow Manager 10.4

07-29-2016 12:08 PM
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I just installed ArcMap and Workflow Manager 10.4.1 on my 2008R2 server and updated my SQL database as well (previously 10.2.2). After launching a new job I am unable to set the LOI on the LOI tab. The error message below pops up instead. If I got back to my 10.2.2 server and reference exactly the same job I can set an AOI no problem and then make a change to it back in 10.4.1.

Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a fix for it?

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A quick update on this. I created a new job type and LOI mxd in 10.4.1 and I am still having the same problem. Help!

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Could you check the logs and provide more information about what is written in the logs when this error shows? To check where your logs are stored you need to run the WMXAdvancedSettings.exe in the Workflow Manager Install bin folder.

Further, since this is not a known issue I suggest you contact the Technical Support for troubleshooting.



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I tried to create LOI using most of the available options on the LOI tab, all resulted in the error message I described above when you try to save. I have WMX logging set to 5 on this server, here is a snapshot of the log file:

7/30/2016 11:58:38.430Level: 5JTXJob::StoreHelper AOI details for Job ID = 12412
7/30/2016 11:58:38.431Level: 5~Store
7/30/2016 11:58:38.517Level: 5GetUser
7/30/2016 11:58:38.522Level: 5GetUserFromRow
7/30/2016 11:58:38.522Level: 5~GetUserFromRow
7/30/2016 11:58:38.523Level: 5~GetUser
7/30/2016 11:58:38.658Level: 5Workflow_InitializeWorkflow
7/30/2016 11:58:38.659Level: 5get_Holds
7/30/2016 11:58:38.660Level: 5~get_Holds
7/30/2016 11:58:38.661Level: 5MarkCurrentSteps
7/30/2016 11:58:38.667Level: 5IsStepInPlay
7/30/2016 11:58:38.744Level: 5~IsStepInPlay
7/30/2016 11:58:38.746Level: 5MarkCurrentSteps_StepsColored
7/30/2016 11:58:38.747Level: 5~MarkCurrentSteps
7/30/2016 11:58:38.748Level: 5~Workflow_InitializeWorkflow
7/30/2016 11:58:38.749Level: 5get_Holds
7/30/2016 11:58:38.749Level: 5~get_Holds
7/30/2016 11:58:38.750Level: 5About to find version
7/30/2016 11:58:38.755Level: 5Found Version completed
7/30/2016 11:58:55.100Level: 5Store
7/30/2016 11:58:55.277Level: 5JTXJob::StoreHelper AOI details for Job ID = 12412
7/30/2016 11:58:55.278Level: 5JTXJob::StoreHelper LOI is a polygon (AOI)
7/30/2016 11:58:55.298Level: 5JTXJob::StoreHelper Job has a new or changed LOI
7/30/2016 11:58:55.299Level: 5JTXJob::StoreHelper Job has a non-NULL LOI Extent
7/30/2016 11:59:30.462Level: 5Store
7/30/2016 11:59:30.637Level: 5JTXJob::StoreHelper AOI details for Job ID = 12412
7/30/2016 11:59:30.708Level: 5JTXJob::StoreHelper Removed Job's LOI because LOI Extent is Empty.
7/30/2016 11:59:30.709Level: 5~Store
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I've noticed one more thing. There is a new POI feature class at Workflow Manager 10.4. I'm curious what other feature classes or tables are new and how the privileges are applied to them during the upgrade. At 10.2 I had a PDF document that I used to determine which users needed access to which tables. Does such a thing exist at 10.4?

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