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Drone2map Samples Not Processing

Question asked by sumyer on Jul 25, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by sumyer

Hi—Have downloaded trial Drone2Map, and while trying out a few of the samples, once I click Start to process a sample, following the steps provided, the bottom status bar appears to be processing for a few seconds, and then it returns to "Ready   Completed.", showing 100% in the status bar, but no 2D Products and no 3D Products are added to the project as is stated in the sample instructions.  What am I missing, or is it still processing in the background?


Downloaded the program again. Ran a repair installation. Started processing, and it looked like it was working.... It did process for a bit longer, but after just a few moments, the process said it is 100% completed, and no products are showing up as per the sample instructions.  The Processing Report is also not available.  If Start is selected again, the processing is almost instantly completed, 100%, even if one selects full rather than rapid processing.


Removed and reinstalled Drone2map software. Attempt at processing on Rapid sample project took 1.5 minutes and says it Completed 100%. However, still no 2D products showing up. And Processing Report button is not available.  Still looking for help on this. Thank you.