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Pop-ups and URL Fields with Blank Values in AGO

Question asked by MartinezC@oakgov.com_oakgov on Jul 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2016 by rscheitlin

I have a feature service in AGO with a URL field in which some of the features have a blank value (no URL). The problem I'm having is that the pop-up populates a hyperlink whether there is a value in the field or not. If someone attempts to go to one of the "blank" hyperlinks, it causes the page to refresh and the end-user is sitting there thinking something went wrong.


I'd like to have the response of clicking a blank hyperlink be more clear to the user. Ideally I'd like it to either not populate a hyperlink if the field is blank, or send the user to another URL with a generic "this content does not exist" page.


I'm trying to avoid populating the blank URL fields because we have some applications that may run into problems if the attributes changed.


I'm trying to find a solution I can implement through the pop-up. Any feedback would be great. Thank you.