boolean precontition for collect values, odd behavior

Discussion created by m_oyuela on Jul 4, 2016
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I am using model builder to search rasters containing specific strings in the name within a folder.



What I want is to use the iterator in all raster in a folder, then run the "collect values" only if the precondition is true: "% Name%". find ("45") !=1



It works to some degree, always adds the first raster represented in the folder. In this case I look for the raster with the letters "45", the collect value ignores everything other than "45" except the first thing in this case "prec_1.asc_26.tif". (See the result of the collect value).



With the "recursive" option in the iterator, the output show as follows:


This creates a huge problem because I can not use other tools with that output. (Cell statistics "or others).


Note: I understand that I can use the wildcard, but this is a small example and I want to use several preconditions in the same model.


Can you please help me


Thank You Very Much