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Listing Attributes within a Buffer

Question asked by shaneshelby on Jul 1, 2016
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We are a survey and engineering firm.

We have a .csv file that contains a list of all our previous job locations listed out by lat and long.  We recently acquired a .csv file from a real estate board that lists the properties for sale in our region by lat and long.


Our goal here is to create a half mile buffer around each property being listed to see if we have any jobs within that radius. We would ultimately like to have ArcMap create a list or a table that shows each individual property listed along with any of our jobs that land within the half mile circle.Real Estate Example.jpg



Buffer shape #1:  123 North Pole Street

                              Listed by REMAX

Previous Jobs within a 1/2 mile radius:  2015-155, 2016-554


I have attempted the spacial join function but it doesn't seem to add data from our previous jobs into the output data.