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How can I Calculate a field in a hosted feature class using Rest API?

Question asked by fusili on Jun 27, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2018 by synytsia

I have a Damage Assessment feature layer hosted on AGOL with a web map.  50k points.  Along with Domain controlled fields are Estimated % of Damage, Estimated $ Amt of Damage and a prepopulated Dwelling Value field.  Field type is Double on these 3 fields.  I need to either

1.  Calc (Est $ Damage = DwellingVal * Est % Damage) on the fly as the user enters data for each point.

2.  Create a URL to Calc (Est $ Damage = DwellingVal * Est % Damage) where (Est % Damage is >0).  AGOL times out      calc-ing the 50k records so I think the Where clause is necessary to only capture the 500 or 5000 that are damaged.

3.  I'm open to ANY suggestion!  Thanks. Allan

I can't get the REST API grid to work. The error says that the calcexpression is invalid:

Where: PercentDamage > 0

"calcExpression":[{"field" : "EstDollarDamage", "sqlExpression" : "DwellingVal*PercentDamage*.01"}]”PercentDamage > 10 2”,calcExpression={“field”: “EstDollarDamage”,“sqlexpression” : "DwellingVal*PercentDamage*.01"})